R P Panels keeps extensive stock of TruStud® Engineered, finger jointed C24 Timber. TruStud® has been through a process to pick out and remove any imperfections in the timber that would normally cause twisting and warping, like splits and bad knots. The timbers are then finger jointed back together to produce a far superior product. Trustud® is arrow straight which allows you to easily use all of the timber without the substantial amount of waste that you get from conventional timbers whilst also making it far easier to use.

TruStud® is available in the following sizes:

2×2 (45 x 45)

Lengths of 2.4mt, 3mt, 3.6mt

3×2 (70 x 45)

Lengths of 3mt, 3.6mt

4×2 (95 x 45)

Lengths of 3mt, 3.6mt

Please phone our sales team on 01992 444221 or email us for product information, stock availabilities & prices.

R P Panels also offers bespoke sizes of softwood and hardwood to order. Minimum orders may apply. For more information, prices and lead times please contact our sales team on 01992 444221 or Email us.